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ccAdvertising is a leader in the communications industry, providing artificially intelligent personalized telephone surveys to commercial, Political, Congressional and non-profit clients. ccAdvertising surveys use interactive voice response technology (no pushing buttons) to conduct political polling and public opinion polls, to collect valuable information on respondents, to educate and notify respondents regarding current and relevant issues, to generate leads (sales leads, donor and volunteer acquisition), and to communicate with large numbers of people in a meaningful way.

Using an extensive and accurate database of homes in America, ccAdvertising is able to provide quality surveys targeted to individuals based on demographic and geographic parameters. All data collected is provided back to clients in an easy to understand and useful format.

Located in the Washington, D.C. metro area, ccAdvertising has built a customer base of prominent political, lobbying, commercial, and non-profit organizations. ccAdvertising is a division of the FreeEats.com companies and operates under several DBAs, including Election Research, Political Research and FEC Research.

All ccAdvertising services are compliant with all Do Not Call regulations and exceptions (for an explanation of the Do Not Call Laws, please visit here).

Client Controlled

In the communications industry, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. With that in mind, each ccAdvertising campaign is tailored specifically with our clients' overriding goals in mind to achieve the desired results from respondents. Unique branching technology allows for complicated call flows with responsive surveys that change depending on responses given: each respondent is thus led through a personalized and unique survey. Complete Customization Allows for Complete Control

Call universes are selected from a 120,000,000 record, two week current database. Clients target households based on demographics, geographic location or respondent-identified characteristics, such as political party persuasion, issue preference, or candidate preference.

Clients have the option of recording surveys in their own voice or using a trained studio voice. Bilingual surveys are also available.


Why Use ccAdvertising

Effective Communication Clients reach into homes using a common household item - the telephone - with speed and accuracy, identifying the needs, wants, thoughts and opinions of large groups of individuals. ccAdvertising clients possess the ability to connect with people on a personal level that creates a real and measurable response.

High Connection Rate Clients may expect an average 70% connect rate with around 10%-20% of the total call universe completing the entire survey. ccAdvertising surveys reach more people than traditional means of advertising and communication. More people respond to a ccAdvertising survey than those who watch television, listen to the radio or read the newspaper combined.

Quality Information ccAdvertising provides top quality information back to clients: clients know who took the survey, what they said, where they live and what they think. All information gathered is provided back to clients, including name, address, phone number, longitude and latitude, State House District, State Senate District, Congressional District, all voter file data associated with the home (if voter file is provided), as well as how the respondent answered every question asked in the targeted survey. Detailed reports are sent to clients upon completion of a survey and analysis is available to assist clients with maximizing their return on investment.

Technology ccAdvertising uses a voice response system to call households. This means our system understands "Yes, No and Repeat" responses in several languages. If a non-recognized response is given, the respondent is prompted to provide a recognized response. This method dramatically increases response rates by allowing people to respond naturally to a phone call - by talking.

Sophisticated branching technology allows for call trees to change depending on responses given.

The system automatically detects answering machines (and can leave messages as desired) live responses, faxes, busy tones, and ring-no-answers with astonishing accuracy.

Fast Results Surveys can typically be set up in a 24-hour period with all results and data provided back to clients in a matter of days. ccAdvertising recognizes that often times speed is essential to success. With that in mind, our qualified staff is ready and willing to work with clients who need messages or surveys up in a matter of hours. Real Time, Online Access is provided to clients to allow them to monitor the results while calls are being made.

Low Cost ccAdvertising delivers faster, more accurate results at a cost less than other mass communication methods as measured by ROI. Surveys and messages are priced highly competitively and thus are able to meet the budget of both large and small organizations. A one-time fee of cents per home covers all set-up, reporting, recording, editing, and analysis necessary for a successful campaign. For a complete pricing guide, please contact us.


Our Staff

A unique collection of hard-working individuals, the ccAdvertising staff is dedicated to achieving optimal results for every client, every time. Personalized advice and attention is given to every person, no matter the size of the campaign involved.

Experienced staff members aid clients in all aspects of campaign planning, creation and analysis of results. Each person helping you with your campaign knows how to craft surveys and messages effectively in order to receive the desired response from recipients. Strategic recommendations given to clients are based on a deep understanding of the research and motivation process.