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  Republican Candidate Support in Early Primary States
ccAdvertising has initiated a series of weekly surveys, to both landline and mobile phones, to gauge current levels of support for possible Republican presidential candidates in early primary voting states.

Please see the attached PDF for more detailed breakouts and information on each candidate's performance.
  Week 6 - Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney
On Monday, March 14, 2011, ccAdvertising conducted surveys gauging support of potential Republican presidential candidates Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney in 2012 when running against incumbent Barack Obama. 6,658 people participated in the survey.

The following charts show the support for each candidate:

Sarah Palin v. Barack Obama Mitt Romney v. Barack Obama

Sarah Palin v. Barack Obama Mitt Romney v. Barack Obama

New Hampshire
Sarah Palin v. Barack Obama Mitt Romney v. Barack Obama

South Carolina
Sarah Palin v. Barack Obama Mitt Romney v. Barack Obama

In light of the recent events in Ohio and Wisconsin, 54.80% of all respondents believe that states pay union employees too much money.

93.55% of all respondents believe that it is a good thing that people in the Middle East are asking for more freedom and the rights to democratically elect their governments.

Demographically, of all respondents:
  • 34.38% are Republican
  • 35.75% are Democrat
  • 29.87% are Independent
  • 13.71% are members of the Tea Party *
  • 50.19% support the repeal of Obamacare
  • 73.43% are anti-tax
  • 58.02% are pro-life
  • 61.78% are traditional marriage supporters
  • 61.05% support gun owner's rights
  • 44.03% are male
  • 65.52% are 50 years of age or older
* This week, respondents were asked whether they considered themselves to be members of the Tea Party movement. In previous weeks, respondents were asked whether they were supporters of that movement.
  About ccAdvertising
ccAdvertising is a leader in the communications industry, providing artificially intelligent personalized telephone surveys to commercial, political, congressional and non-profit clients. ccAdvertising surveys use "Artificial Intelligence Call" (AIC) technology to conduct political and public opinion polls, to collect valuable information on respondents, to educate and notify them regarding current and relevant issues, to generate leads (sales leads, donor and volunteer acquisition), and to communicate with segments of the public in a meaningful way.

Using an extensive and accurate database of homes in America, ccAdvertising is able to provide quality surveys targeted to individuals, based on demographic and geographic parameters. All data collected is provided back to clients in an easy to understand and useful format. Clients can obtain, for their unlimited use, mobile phone numbers identified, which can be used to direct phones to video or audio, as well as other uses of traditional political calling including surveys and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) messages.

Located in the Washington, D.C. metro area, ccAdvertising has built a customer base of prominent political, lobbying, commercial, and non-profit organizations. ccAdvertising is a division of AIC Communications and operates under several DBAs, including Election Research, Political Research and FEC Research.

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